Limone, at the northern tip of the Brescian banks of Lake Garda, is a favorite tourist destination with magical attractions such as old fishing houses, pristine winding narrow streets, the columns and walls of the lemon houses that dominate the coast up to Reamol, and the terraced olive groves that climb up the mountainside.

The extraordinary scenery and mild climate during the year are ideal for a pleasant, relaxing vacation. Athletically inclined guests can play tennis, windsurf, sail, hike and go on interesting mountain bike excursions, and also enjoy many other sports activities. There are also many interesting organized tours to nearby cities of art, the inland areas of Lake Garda and the imposing Dolomite Mountains.

Its one thousand inhabitants live in just one square kilometer of land that is flanked by inaccessible valleys, forests, and rocky cliffs that plunge into the lake waters in an almost enchanted setting. Limone also offers interesting cultural attractions such as the San Pietro church, which was built in the year 1000, the 16th century San Rocco church , and the parish church built in 1691.